2009年4月27日 星期一


Hey George, "the man"

I really have to say you are so cool! I never know any one from Taiwan like you... knowing so much and love so much about the world. You should really think about come to New York (with your friends...) We have a lot of Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso collections in MoMA then you can shop in the MoMa design store and have dinner in MoMa... Oh the sister museume of MoMA id P.S.1 It's also free and usually showing some funky new artists' stuff.

Oh, Metropolitan is great too! AND It's FREE! Summer nights there are roof top parties Friday nights and Saturday nights....Wonderful veiws NYC

My one of my favorites is still Borrklyn Museum
It shows a good mix of modern and traditional arts. Also shows ethnic flavors... (such as Japanese ink paintings and Caribbean folk arts....) Each weekend it also hosts workshops, shows, concerst, and some parties!

The one near my place is the New Museume ... It shows only new arts, I don't really like it but a lotof ppl do!

If you have time, take a look at them, I hope some day I will be albe to show you these places



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