2010年9月19日 星期日

Toby Keith - Trailerhood

Wow, we get birthday requests, lots of them, and mostly, we ignore them, because, you know, you're not five years old. But when 'Michael' wrote us in yellow crayon that he'd been 'McDonalding his private McNuggets' for 36 hours straight leading up to his birthday over 'that there hot girl in the Toby Keith video', and he needed to know her name to complete his auto-erotic journey, well, we of course snapped right on it. We dug and dug. Back-filled. Then dug some more. Until we found Nikki Ryann, yes, birthday boy Michael, 'that there hot blonde in the Toby Keith video'.

Finally knowing her name, that's pretty cool, but, you know, for your birthday, wouldn't you perhaps like to dream a little bigger, oh, I don't know, maybe see the super hot Nikki Ryann in her birthday suit? Boobs, butt, beautiful lady nest and all that? Wish granted.
This is what it must feel like to be Oprah.


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