2016年6月2日 星期四

Line Cafe shanghai每次去新天地都要去逛逛~~ LINE FRIENDS CAFE & STORE 登陸上海!!

人均 ¥102
黃浦區 馬當路388號SOHO復興廣場一樓
(地鐵10號線 新天地站)

Shanghai's new Line Friends Cafe and Store 

has shuttered its doors just two days after opening to the public due to concerns over the large queues that have been forming outside. The cutesy Japanese/Korean messaging app has reportedly faced disruption to its services in China, but that didn't stop Line from opening an outlet filled with merchandise and kawaii cupcakes last Friday, resulting in huge, err, lines on the streets outside.

A notice stuck on the door of the cafe and store at SOHO Fuxing Plaza last night stated that the management had decided to temporarily close the space due to worries over the large numbers of people waiting in scorching temperatures outside. Although the company had attempted to mitigate the effects of the sunshine by erecting parasols where queues had formed along the tree-lined Danshui Lu, as the crowds began to stretch back to, and along, Fuxing Lu, they decided more drastic action was needed.
'Seeing everyone queuing in the sun has made us very worried,' reads the notice, 'and so to ensure the safety of all our customers and a favourable shopping experience, we have no choice but to temporarily suspend business.'
No reopening date has been given (the notice merely says more information 'will be released soon'), though with Shanghai's heatwave expected to last at least another two days, it seems unlikely that Line will be welcoming back its hordes of fans before Wednesday.
Line Friends Cafe and Store is at Unit B101, SOHO Fuxing Plaza, 388 Madang Lu, near Fuxing Lu. .

Line Cafe shanghai 開幕兩個月,熱潮退去不用排隊囉 LINE FRIENDS CAFE & STORE 登陸上海!!

Line Cafe shanghai 終於去了,但是進不去..有人詛咒它一個月倒閉...LINE FRIENDS CAFE & STORE 登陸上海



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