2014年12月25日 星期四

2014上海閃亮亮聖誕節9:真的很像到了歐洲的静安嘉里中心 — 圣诞缤fun嘉园 圣诞特别集市

時間:2014年12月6日 — 2015年1月4日


Time : Year 2014 12 6 - January 4, 2015
Address : Bounded by North Southern District Shopping Centre Atrium Plaza
 ( Anyi Lu near Tongren Road )

Christmas is a favorite of children and adults, the festival is a time to celebrate the joy of a little longer - Bounded and Spectrum invites you to experience a real Christmas market in central Shanghai ! Colorful lighting and floral ornaments , a giant Christmas tree , traditional huts, carousel, snow slide, seesaw ...... everything you can imagine a better enjoy the show on Christmas in front of you .


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