2013年5月22日 星期三

Sam Macaroni是誰啊? 他的影片也太好笑了!!!


I like comedy and violence. My effects are special.
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不過我還是不知道這傢伙是何方神聖? 網路上沒有他的中文報導,

Sam Macaroni on YouTube

Sam Macaroni’s film “Puppet Break-up” a collab with Ray William Johnson got over 10 million hits in its first week on YouTube. It was the number one most viewed movie on YouTube Sept 14, 2011.
Sam was a guest speaker at Vidcon 2011 on the mainstage.
Macaroni was featured on 20/20 September 23, 2011 in a story entitled “Generation Youtube.”

Mainstream Success

Macaroni stated in an interview on BreakingNYC with Ray William Johnson that he is playing some characters on the new Beavis & Butthead coming to MTV in October, 2011.
He has also worked with Zac Brown Band having shot the music video for the song, "Chicken Fried" with Clifton Collins, Jr..

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