2012年3月14日 星期三

賈伯斯全身超可動紀念公仔,可以脫衣服...售價119美元! Steve Jobs toy makers threatened by Apple?


話說Steve Jobs從生到死一直都是市場上注目的話題,不過這次從3C科技的世界裡,殺進公仔界。這一次是由玩具商 in icons 和 Dragon in Dream (DID)推出了賈伯斯的人形公仔,

其實想把賈伯斯變成玩具 in icons 並不是第一家。在2010年,MIC Gadget 也嘗試在 eBay 網站販售賈伯斯的人形,當時他的家人也採取了法律行動,這次亦是相同問題,公仔還沒開賣,賈伯斯的家人已採取法律行動保護他的肖像權,倒也幫助製造商成功打了免費廣告,引起大家注目。


對喜愛他的粉絲來說可能不算太貴,但把賈伯斯放家裡? 實在是太詭異了!使用Apple產品前要先拜一下,幫公仔上個香嗎?



還包含了一套賈伯斯的標準套裝(黑 色高領毛衣、牛仔褲及慢跑鞋)、兩副眼鏡、三組不同手勢的手掌、One More Thing舞台背景以及兩顆蘋果。「One More Thing」是賈伯斯介紹產品時最令人著迷的一句話。

Remember the realistic-looking Steve Jobs action figure that we reported about earlier this week? Well it looks like we may never get the chance to purchase them. According to a report from The Telegraph (which failed to quote any sources); Apple has sent a letter to the toy manufacturer, asking it cease sales of the 12″ Steve Jobs doll. Apparently in the letter, Apple mentioned that: “any toy that resembles the technology company’s logo, person’s name, appearance or likeness of its products is a criminal offence.”

This isn’t a surprising move from Apple, considering how protective the company has been with all of its products (though Apple is a product of Steve Jobs instead of vice versa). Apple was also reported to have forced another toy manufacturer to stop selling Steve Jobs dolls in the past before. But if this cease and desist letter turns out to be real and the toy maker follows suit, you can probably expect the prices of the Steve Jobs figures already available on eBay to sky rocket.

iPad3(The New iPad)正式發表:高畫質搭配4G LTE高速網路功能,售價美金499元起。
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